CMS Releases List of Providers Who Were Sent Revalidation Letters

In response to provider requests, CMS has posted a listing of providers who have been sent a request to revalidate their Medicare enrollment information.

The listing contains the name and national provider identifier (NPI) of each provider who was sent a letter, as well as the date the letter was sent.

To see the listing, click on “Revalidation Phase 1 Listing” in the Downloads section of the Medicare Provider Supplier Enrollment Revalidation Page which is accessible by clicking here. Please note that you must widen each column in the spreadsheet to view the contents. CMS will be updating this list monthly.

If you are on the list, and have not received the request, please contact your Medicare contractor. Their toll-free number may be found at the Medicare Fee-For-Service Contact Information website.

For more information on revalidation of Medicare provider enrollment, click here to access MLN article 1126: Further Details on the Revalidation of Provider Enrollment Information.


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