Former Governor, Senator Lawmakers Tell Super Committee to Fight Fraud First

Two former lawmakers from different political parties appeared on Fox News this week to urge Congress’ super committee to go after Medicare fraud before cutting reimbursements. The super committee, which was established as part of Washington’s debt ceiling increase legislation passed earlier this fall, is charged with proposing a plan to reduce federal spending by $1.2 trillion by Nov. 23rd.

Tell Congress to FIGHT FRAUD FIRST!

Former Louisiana Democratic Senator John Breaux and former Louisiana Republican Congressman Billy Tauzin told Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson that with today’s technologies, Medicare is able to efficiently identify aberrant and fraudulent behavior in the Medicare program before reimbursing providers. Doing so, according to the former lawmakers, could save Medicare $70 billion a year.

Instead of cutting reimbursement to Medicare providers, “fighting fraud before it happens is the better way to save the money,” said Sen. Breaux.

“We’re losing $70 billion a year to fraudulent payments in Medicare and Medicaid,” noted Congressman Tauzin. “That’s $700-900 billion over 10 years after interest charges. If you can keep that money from leaving the system, you don’t have to cut seniors, you don’t have to cut the providers, you can maintain health care access for seniors and go after this money that’s leaving the door unnecessarily.”

As an alternative to implementing copays for Medicare home health or more cuts, the home health industry has urged the super committee to fight fraud first and preserve quality, affordable access to care for America’s homebound Medicare beneficiaries.

Tell Congress to FIGHT FRAUD FIRST!

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