AHCA Seeks Another Extension of Medicaid Managed Care Pilot

Nearly five months after a Medicaid managed-care pilot was scheduled to expire, the state is asking for another temporary extension to try to finalize details of continuing the program through June 2014.

State Medicaid Director Justin Senior sent a letter to federal officials last week asking for a temporary extension through Dec. 15.

The pilot was originally scheduled to expire June 30, but the state has received a series of temporary extensions, with the latest scheduled to expire Wednesday.

The controversial pilot, which started in 2006, requires most beneficiaries in Broward, Duval, Clay, Nassau and Baker counties to enroll in HMOs or other managed-care plans. Also, the pilot includes the Low Income Pool program, which funnels $1 billion a year to hospitals and other providers that serve large numbers of poor or uninsured patients.


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