CMS Extends Revalidation Deadline to 2015

CMS has pushed back the completion of its Medicare enrollment revalidation effort to March 2015, giving Medicare administrative contractors and providers an additional two years to go through the process.

Home health agencies and others who bill Medicare must revalidate their enrollment by the CMS deadline, but need to wait until they receive a revalidation letter from their fiscal intermediary before they take any action, CMS said during an Oct. 27 provider call.

As part of more stringent screening provisions mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, all Medicare providers who haven’t revalidated their Medicare enrollment since March 25, 2011 must do so within the next three years. Under the new screening rules, home health agencies can expect an unannounced site visit to check operational status with each revalidation. In addition, most providers – including home health agencies – will have to pay a $505 enrollment fee when they revalidate in 2011. For 2012, the fee will rise to $523, CMS announced in a Nov. 2 Federal Register notice.

Once providers receive a revalidation notice, they must submit all requested documents within 60 days to prevent an interruption in their ability to bill Medicare. According to CMS, there will be no delays in payment while the fiscal intermediary processes revalidation. Providers that fail to respond will be suspended from billing Medicare until the required information is submitted.


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