HCAF Member Kinnser Software Announces 90 Full Scholarships for Texas Nursing Students

In its ongoing support of the nursing profession and the Austin community, HCAF Associate member Kinnser Software donated $225,000 in scholarship funds to help 90 Austin Community College nursing students earn a degree in one of the nation’s most in-demand careers.

Over the next five years, the Kinnser Software Scholars Program will award 90 recipients with a full scholarship each for tuition, fees, books and nursing program expenses.

“Kinnser Software’s generosity will have a tremendous impact on students by helping them achieve their goals,” said Edwina Carrington, chair of the ACC Foundation. “In addition, this donation will benefit our community and the healthcare industry by ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers.”

“When I founded Kinnser Software, I had a primary goal – to provide software that will help nurses and their home health agencies overcome the challenges they face in their daily work lives,” said Kinnser Software’s President Christopher Hester. “Now, with the Kinnser Scholars Program, we are excited to help nurses acquire the funds necessary for their education, which is often the first challenge many face before they can enter the profession.”

Sarah Foti, mother of three children, is one of ten ACC students who received the Kinnser Software scholarship funds for the fall 2011 semester. After receiving her General Educational Development (GED) in 2008, Foti chose ACC’s nursing program to pursue a career that would support her family. She is now in the last year of the ADN program.

“I am a very dedicated nursing student,” Foti wrote in a letter to Kinnser Software. “I have a lot of challenges right now. Going to school and being a single mother of three children is a constant struggle. I have to put my studies first a lot of the time in order to succeed. This scholarship is a blessing to me and my children.”

Scholarship recipient Wendy Jordan is currently enrolled in the LVN program and taking pre-requisite coursework for the ADN program. Jordan is a member of the National Student Nurses Association and is a Class President of the Fredericksburg, TX LVN Program. She and her husband were both laid off from the same company when they decided it was the right time for her to pursue her dream of a career in nursing.

“At a time in my life when I am struggling between family and getting an education for a second career, I have been so amazed at the generosity of the community,” Jordan commented. “And, how people I barely know, or have just met, step up to help or lend a helping hand. Your generous support will help toward tuition and books; I can only tell you how much this greatly appreciated.”


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