FREE Webinar! 2012 PPS Final Rule: Therapy Payment Re-allocation

Do you have over-utilization concerns regarding your therapy programs? If so, expect your finances to suffer under the 2012 PPS model.

Home Health Strategic Management (HHSM) is offering a free webinar focused on the 2012 PPS Final Rule Therapy Payment Re-allocation levels. Home health providers of all sizes will definitely feel the effects of the Regressive Therapy Payment Model as payment is received for 2012 episodes; are you in control of therapy caseloads, care programs, and volumes? Are you prepared to weather the realities of the new therapy payment models if you are not in control of these areas of care? In addition, are your therapy episodes able to withstand the audit scrutiny many expect to see focused on rehab in light of the recent regulatory activity in our industry?

HHSM, clinical leaders in the recent utilization and audit scrutiny seen across the industry, will provide insight regarding the rationale behind the changes slated to begin next year. Arnie Cisneros, P.T., HHSM President, and the most progressive voice in home health, will explain the CMS and MedPAC concerns revolving around therapy, and outline 2012 changes that foretell the wholesale re-wiring of rehab in the evolving PPS model. All nine of the potential Clinical/Functional (CF) profiles that will be the basis of 2012 therapy payment will be examined and analyzed on an individual basis.  Clinical strategies that help you and your rehab staff identify how to modify care to address these changes will also be examined.

The progressive and insightful 60 minute webinar will be held Thursday, December 15, 1:00-2:00pm ET. It will be free to all HHSM newsletter subscribers and HHSM sponsor clientele. Enrollment is limited to 1,000 attendees; details are listed below. Feel free to include as many staff members as possible for this important information regarding your exposure to audits and denials in your therapy claims.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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