Florida Center for Nursing Releases 2012 Report Detailing Demand for Nurses

The Florida Center for Nursing released its newest report, Demand for Nurses in Florida: The 2011 Survey of Florida’s Nurse Employers. Conducted biennially, this report identifies current and future demand for nurse employers in six industry groups. Trend analysis for prior year reports is provided where possible.

In an effort to provide a clear and concise picture of survey results, the Center has updated the format of the demand report to include a one-page cover page with key findings. This shortened version allows stakeholders to share the report more easily. Key findings from this year’s survey include:

  • The pattern of decreasing turnover of RNs observed in 2009 has leveled off or reversed in 2011.
  • Even with isolated reports of newly graduated nurses unable to find employment, there were an estimated statewide 8,994 vacant RN positions.
  • The combined impact of current vacancies and projected growth demonstrates a need for 15,740 RNs currently not available.

To read the full report, including the Center’s recommendations, please click here.


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