Medicare Providers: MDS and OASIS Submission Connection Compliance Deadline Next Week!

Last spring, CMS announced during an Open Door Forum conference call that providers submitting MDS and OASIS assessments will need to convert their CMSNet (previously MDCN) submitter accounts from AT&T to Verizon. CMS has posted bulletins and sent out email notifications to providers, but with the compliance deadline just 8 days away, many of Florida’s providers have not made the conversion to Verizon. Providers that do not convert by March 1 will not be compliant with submission requirements and will not be able to use their old accounts to submit MDS or OASIS assessments.

Of the 1,909 submitter accounts issued by CMS’ contractor to Florida home health agencies and nursing homes, just 41% (787 providers) have already converted. The 1,122 submitted accounts that have not converted include 462 home health agencies that do not appear to have at least one person who can submit MDS/OASIS assessments.

AHCA is faxing a bulletin with more detailed information (click here to view) to the 462 providers that have not yet converted. If you have any questions regarding the switch from AT&T software to Verizon, please call the CMSNet Help Desk at (888) 238-2122 or AHCA Help Desk at (850) 412-4501.

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