Home Health Care Costs Remain Flat According to 2012 Report

The cost of home care was unchanged from 2011 to 2012, and home care costs have also risen less dramatically over the past five years than for other types of long-term care, according to the 2012 Cost of Care Survey by Genworth Financial Inc., whose products include long-term care insurance.

Nationally, the median hourly cost for homemaker companion and home health aide services is $18 and $19, respectively. While the costs remain flat from 2011, costs for homemaker services have risen 1.15% annually over the past five years, while HH aide services have risen 1.09% a year over the same period.

By comparison, the costs for care in adult day health care facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes have increased over 2011 rates.

Across Florida, little variation in costs for home care services exists, and Florida ranks among the lowest in terms of costs for states with the largest populations in the country.

“Overwhelmingly, Americans prefer to receive long-term care in the home and the relatively muted increase in home care costs over the past few years can be viewed as a positive for consumers,” said Steve Zabel, senior vice president of long term care at Genworth. “Consumer demand for more home care services has led to a proliferation of home care services providers and more choice for consumers. This competition has kept home care costs relatively stable, especially when compared to the cost of care in a nursing home or assisted living facility.”

The survey was completed between January and March of this year and included almost 15,300 long-term care providers from all across the country.

National Annual Care Costs in 2012

Provider Type National Median Rate Increase Over 2011 Five-Year Annual Growth
Adult day health care services $61 daily 1.67% N/A
Assisted living facility (one bedroom, single occupancy) $3,300 monthly 1.19% 5.71%
Nursing home (semi-private room) $200 daily 3.63% 4.5%
Nursing home (private room) $222 daily 4.23% 4.28%

Florida Home Care Costs in 2012

The median annual cost for homemaker services in Florida this year is $38,896, a 3% annual increase over the past five years. The median annual cost for home health aides is $41,184, a 2% annual increase over the past five years. Comparatively, ALFs averaged $33,000 in 2012 and nursing home costs averaged $78,475 for semi-private rooms and $84,452 for private rooms. ALFs and nursing homes both increased 3% each year over the past five years.

Costs for home care services across Florida showed little variation. The statewide average for homemaker companion services is $107 per day, while the daily average cost for a home health aide is $113. The highest costs were centered in the Naples area, which averaged $132 for homemaker companion and home health aide services. The lowest cost for services was also in the Southwest Florida area of Cape Coral, where homemaker services costs averaged $97 daily.

Provider Type Homemaker Services Daily Cost Home Health Aide Annual Cost
Statewide $107 $113
Cape Coral $97 (lowest) $114
Crestview $100 $116
Deltona $108 $113
Gainesville $113 $125
Jacksonville $110 $120
Lakeland $103 $116
Miami $100 $100
Naples $132 (highest) $132 (highest)
North Port $125 $132 (highest)
Ocala $113 $113
Orlando $111 $116
Palm Bay $102 $111
Palm Coast $106 $109
Panama City $110 $117
Pensacola $110 $122
Port St. Lucie $103 $103
Punta Gorda $125 $125
Sebastian $110 $119
Tallahassee $107 $113
Tampa Bay $114 $119

Comparing Florida’s Costs with Other Large States

Among the five states with the largest population in the nation, Florida ties with Texas for the lowest costs for homemaker companion and home health aide services.

Provider Type Homemaker Services Costs Home Health Aide Costs
Florida $107 daily
$38,896 annually
$113 daily
$41,184 annually
California $133 daily
$48,620 annually
$141 daily
$51,480 annually
Texas $107 daily
$38,896 annually
$113 daily
$41,184 annually
New York $125 daily
$45,760 annually
$138 daily
$50,336 annually
Illinois $122 daily
$44,616 annually
$125 daily
$45,780 annually


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