From Basic Needs to Bucket Lists, Non-Profit Organization Grants Seniors’ Wishes

CMS recently shared a story about Wish of a Lifetime, an organization that exists to grant a lifelong wish – “from basic needs to bucket lists” – to deserving seniors. Wish of a Lifetime (WOL) was established in 2008 by Jeremy Bloom, an Olympic skier and former NFL football player, in honor of his grandmother, Donna Wheeler.

The group granted four wishes its inaugural year. Last year, the not-for-profit organization was able to grant more than 400 wishes, including one for Russell Taylor who reached Omaha Beach on the third day of the Normandy invasion. Taylor met a young French woman there, fell in love and married. For their anniversary, WOL arranged for them to return to Normandy to renew their marriage vows. The touching story was shown on the NBC Nightly News on May 20.

WOL was also featured this week on NPR in a story about a wish granted to Dorothy Flood, who was denied access to the dining car on a train during the era of Jim Crow. That poignant story can be heard online by clicking here.

If you know of a senior whose wish of a lifetime deserves to be granted by this organization, or to learn more about WOL, vist

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