2012 Conference Preview: Attracting ACOs and Utilizing Telehealth Technology to Increase Your Business

By Brett A. Quas,
Connected Healthcare Solutions

Join Brett at conference for “Attracting ACOs:Utilizing Telehealth Technology to Increase Your Business” on July 25. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Can ACOs improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs and increase your business? Recently, CMS announced 27 new ACOs that will participate in Medicare’s Shared Savings Program. The selected organizations represent 18 states, cover 375,000 patient lives, and include a network of 10,000 physicians. With the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the healthcare law and more than 150 applications from ACOs seeking to participate, the program is certain to grow. This growth will not only bring opportunity, but confusion as well. Turning vague buzz phrases like “Patient-Centric,” “Medical-Home,” and “Health Data Management” into measureable metrics will be what separates your organization from the 11,000 other Medicare certified home care agencies competing in this new channel.

Those who have been in remote patient monitoring over the past decade know that when the technology is implemented and used properly, it can help alleviate numerous healthcare challenges. To understand how this technology combined with the right service offerings can attract the ACO segment, we need to examine:

  • What exactly is an ACO?
  • What challenges, penalties, and incentives do they face?
  • How can remote patient technology help?
  • How do you best position your agency?

Experienced agencies know that winning this business will take more positioning than the simple buzz phrases of “nurses that care” and “patients that love us.” In Attracting ACOs and Utilizing Telehealth to Increase Your Business, we will discuss the challenges raised by the Mayo Clinic study, review the results achieved by the UK Department of Health, and show you how to use your technology investment to grow as healthcare reform evolves. Through this session, you will learn how to provide the sought after service offerings, answer the tough questions, and position your business.

Brett A. Quas is the founder of Connected Healthcare Solutions, providing strategic training and solutions for remote patient monitoring.  He has spent the past 13 years working with health care organizations and patient monitoring manufacturers, improving countless programs and bringing innovative devices to market. Brett may be reached at bquas@connectedhcs.com.

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