New Legislation Introduced in Congress to Maintain Companionship Services Exemption

HCAF continues its tireless efforts to preserve
the companionship services exemption

Last month, HCAF reported that a new bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate that will preserve the companionship services exemption for minimum wage and overtime pay for third party employers, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio signed on to cosponsor the legislation. Two companion bills were also introduced in the House of Representatives that preserve the exemption.

The Department of Labor is still reviewing the nearly 30,000 comments – more than two-thirds of which were in favor of removing the exemption – but there is still time to contact members of Congress and urge them to intervene with legislation to preserve the exemption!

Please take a few minutes of your time to send an email to Senators Rubio and Nelson and your representative urging their support for these bills. Time is running out, so it’s critical that you ask your coworkers, family members and patients/clients to take action, too!

Click here to ask the Florida congressional delegation to support legislation to preserve the companionship services exemption for home care!


HCAF is excited and grateful to report that Congressman Dennis Ross (R-Lakeland) is the first member of Florida’s congressional delegation to support all three House bills on behalf of the Florida home care industry.

Whether you are a constituent of Congressman Ross’ or not, let him know his support for this bill is important and appreciated. Click here to send him a thank you note to let him know that the Florida home care industry has his back!

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