2012 Conference Preview: OMG! The Surveyor is in the Lobby!

By Sharon Litwin, 5 Star Consultants

Join Sharon at conference for “Continued Survey Readiness is Possible… From a Surveyor and Consultant Perspective” on July 25. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Of course, the visitor in the lobby could be worse. . .the staff of “60 Minutes”. . . or the OIG and their yellow crime scene tape.

To avoid a feeling of panic, you can keep your agency on track by knowing the regulations, understanding the survey process, and performing your own mock surveys. If you know the difference between a “condition out” and a “deficiency”, you will know where to focus your time and energy. Surveyors are being required to write more deficiencies, so knowing how to write and implement a plan of correction is key. Following up with staff education, audits, and your performance improvement program will enable you to welcome the surveyor with open arms and open records.

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