AHCA Update: New Quarterly Report System Announced

Beginning January 1, 2013, the Home Health Agency Quarterly Report (HHQR) System will be accessed through the Agency for Health Care Administration’s web portal. Licensed health care providers should already be familiar with the web portal, which allows authorized users access to the Background Screening Website System for viewing criminal history screening results.

For HHQR, each licensed home health agency will need to:

(1) Identify an authorized individual to register as the user who will access the new system and submit the quarterly report.

(2) Go to the web portal* and complete and send a HHQR User Agreement, signed by the administrator, for each individual user designated to access and submit the quarterly report online to AHCA.

Users may begin registering and completing User Agreements after October 15, 2012. User Agreements will need to be completed and submitted for approval to AHCA no later than December 15, 2012.

NOTE: Once approved by AHCA, the user will be the only authorized individual allowed to submit the reports online beginning in January 2013. The registration/User Agreement process will need to be redone whenever the individual user designated to complete the quarterly report changes.

This new quarterly reporting system will feature webpages designed to be more user-friendly. Users will be able to change passwords and update security questions online without having to contact AHCA staff.

*Location and information on the web portal is posted on the web site at http://ahca.myflorida.com/homecare. Click the Quarterly Report Bar; read the overview on the new system; click the Instruction Guide link for step by step directions on how to register for the new quarterly reporting system, complete HHQR User Agreements and send to the Agency for approval.

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