HHQI National Campaign and Monthly Risk Adjusted Data

Have you seen the new HHQI Data Reports? Risk-adjusted ACH and Oral Medication rates are now available in the 12-month rolling report. During these changing times in health care, everyone is working diligently to implement evidence-based best practices but implementing is only half of the process. Evaluation is equally, if not more, important.

What leads you to decide where to focus your efforts? In what manor are you evaluating your process?

Reviewing your improvement data is not the only way, but is one of the best methods to guide and evaluate your QI process. With risk adjusted data now available each month, you will be able to drill-down quicker to a cause and effect of positive outcomes as well as those needing more attention.

To access your agency’s HHQI Data Reports, please:

  1. Go to the HHQI Web site at www.homehealthquality.org
  2. Follow the “Data Reports” link on the blue tool bar
  3. Click “Register” or “Log In” if you already have a Data Access account
  4. For difficulties or question, please contact HHQI at hhqi@wvmi.org

As a reminder, HHQI is holding open forum calls focusing on issues of ‘Small Home Health Agencies’ (January 23rd) and ‘Disparities in Home Healthcare’ (Jan. 30th). Registration information will be sent to you directly from HHQI. Please mark your calendars and let your voices be heard.

HCAF is pleased to be serving as your link to HHQI as the Network Coordinator, so please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued effort to improve the quality of care our patients receive.


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