Florida Senate President: Separate Medicaid Waiver from Obamacare

From POLITICOOne of the going theories about Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s meeting with Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen “two-terms” Sebelius on Monday was that his request for a Medicaid waiver had become intertwined with his willingness to cooperate on the Affordable Care Act. Well, the state’s Senate president, Republican Don Gaetz, wants it known that he rejects any such connection. “I believe that the approval of Florida’s request for federal waivers should not be linked to how the state addresses options under Obamacare. I believe those are separate issues,” he told POLITICO. “I believe that the waiver requests stand on their own merits and ought to be approved, and whether they are or are not approved would certainly not require us to take any particular action one way or another on the options available to Florida under PPACA.”

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