Webinar Reveals How Cornell & CareAnyware Reduced Rehospitalizations in NIH-Funded Study

Best practices protocol led to a 39% reduction in rehospitalization rates in depressed patients

On Tuesday, February 26, home health and hospice professionals may participate in a free webinar to learn how Cornell and CareAnyware, a Brightree company, developed best practices for training and implementing a successful depression management program that significantly reduced rehospitalizaiton.

A Changing Healthcare Landscape

For the first time in history, hospitals began getting charged penalties for readmissions in 2012. Last year, 65% of hospitals were penalized, and these numbers are expected to rise. Home health and hospice agencies play a critical role in preventing hospitalization. Clinical and standardized best practices must be built into agency infrastructure — especially in this new healthcare landscape where change is accelerating — in order to survive.

Studies show that depression can lead to rehospitalization, and 25% of home health patients are depressed. Making matters worse, depression can be difficult for many home care providers to identify and treat. With hospitals being penalized for readmissions, the home care industry will be in the spotlight and it will be critical to identify and treat high risk patients effectively. This webinar will show how technology and training can make a tangible difference in clinical outcomes and quality of care.

About the Study

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College in partnership with CareAnyware, a Brightree company and leading provider of clinical software solutions. The purpose of the study, conducted in 2012, was to implement an identification and treatment protocol to improve the care and clinical outcomes, including rehospitalization rates among elderly patients at risk for depression. The training and clinical protocol were developed based on Cornell’s 15 years experience in studying depression and working with home care organizations.

Study results showed statistically significant improvements in depression rates and rehospitalization rates for home health patients treated with the CAREPATH protocol and CareAnyware’s clinical Electronic Medical Record system.

To register for the complimentary hour-long webinar, visit this link by Monday, February 25. Limited registration is available on a first-come, first serve basis. Registrants of the webinar will receive a copy of the White Paper, detailing the study and its results.

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