AHCA to Conduct Unannounced Compliance Visits for Medicaid Providers

The Agency for Health Care Administration announced this week that it will perform unannounced compliance visits for all Medicaid home health care providers. In a letter sent to HCAF by an AHCA official, the Agency will be verifying that all Medicaid recipients are receiving medically-necessary quality care and that Medicaid pays correctly for this care.

AHCA recently performed compliance audits of facilities that provide Medicaid services in the Jacksonville area, where audits uncovered a lack of paperwork to support Medicaid billing. AHCA reports that they anticipate at least two unannounced compliance initiatives before June 30, 2013, and they encourage all providers to evaluate their own compliance with all Medicaid rules and regulations as well as licensing rules and regulations in a proactive manner.

Click here to read the letter.


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