Former Home Health Aide Accused of Defrauding Greenacres Man

By Adam Sacasa, South Florida Sun Sentinel

Louis Schwartz thought blank checks he signed for his aide were going to pay his bills.

But when the Greenacres man, 98, came home after a month in the hospital, his wallet and money from his bank account were missing.

Greenacres Police say the suspects are his former home healthcare aide, Lycille Delmond, 34, of Boynton Beach, and her boyfriend, Bwon M. Coutilien, 23, of Delray Beach.

The investigation started with Delmond, who was arrested Jan. 8. Police say she stole almost $15,000 from Schwartz.

When Delmond was arrested, detectives found a stolen Chase Visa debit card and a check from Schwartz written out to Delmond for $25,000, but Schwartz said he never gave her a check for that amount. The check appeared to be signed by Schwartz, according to a Greenacres Police Department arrest report.

Police also found what appeared to be a note from Schwartz in Delmond’s purse that gave her permission to cash the check but there was no signature on the note.

Detectives also discovered Coutilien had cashed $900 in two checks belonging to Schwartz and two checks Delmond cashed for $1,382, which were discovered by Schwartz’s current nurse.

On Wednesday, Greenacres Police caught up with Coutilien at his job in Boynton Beach where he was arrested and taken to the Greenacres Public Safety Complex.

He told police during an interview that Delmond would get checks from Schwartz and give them to Coutilien.

Schwartz told police that after he was in the hospital, he came home in September to find his wallet with his bank card in it gone and money missing from his Bank of America bank account.

Since Delmond was the only person, other than Schwartz, who knew his PIN to take money from the account, Schwartz filed a fraud claim, according to the report.

Schwartz said he would give Delmond checks for $20 to $30 to help her pay for gas and food after she told him she was “going through a lot of stuff.” Schwartz continued giving her checks for small amounts even after Delmond no longer worked for him, according to the report.

Schwartz’s current aide told police in a Jan. 18 interview that Schwartz’s wallet was stolen and charges were made as Schwartz was in the hospital. Despite doors being locked, no signs of forced entry were found at Schwartz’s house, according to the report.

The aide said that Delmond had keys to the house and that the signature on checks cashed during that time didn’t look like Schwartz’s, according to the report. She added that she’s known Schwartz for 15 years.

Delmond was released on $57,000 bail on Jan. 18. She faces 115 charges, including exploiting an elderly person, possession of a person’s I.D. and various fraud and larceny charges.

Coutilien was booked into Palm Beach County Jail at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and is being held in lieu of a $24,000 bail. He faces eight charges, including forgery, larceny, exploiting an elderly person and fraud.

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