HCAF Calling for Input on Medicare Advantage & Home Health

HCAF representatives met recently with the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging staff, which is now chaired by Florida Senator Bill Nelson, to discuss issues impacting Medicare providers and beneficiaries. A major topic of discussion was Medicare Advantage and the concerns expressed my multiple providers related to authorization of care, specifically reduced and delayed authorizations.

Senator Nelson’s committee is very concerned about this issue and has asked HCAF to compile more information in a report for the committee’s review. Late last year, we collected input from many providers, but most of the concerns voiced did not relate specifically to Medicare Advantage. As such, we are calling for all comments from providers who work with Medicare Advantage plans and have experienced reduced and delayed authorizations, as well as any other issues where plans have not provided the same level of coverage as the traditional Medicare benefit.

Please click here to share your stories. We need as much substantive information as possible to be of service to the Senate Aging Committee. Be sure these issues are only related to Medicare Advantage and not private non-Medicare insurance. The deadline to complete this survey is Friday, April 5.

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