Quarterly Report Reform Bill Passes Florida Legislature

After two years, multiple committee stops and countless hours of advocacy in Tallahassee, HCAF is very excited to announce that the quarterly report reform bill passed the Florida House of Representatives this morning by a vote of 115-0. The bill will now be presented to Gov. Rick Scott within seven days to sign it into law, and it will go into effect on July 1, 2013.

What does this bill do for me?

The quarterly report reform bill will reduce the late reporting fine from $5,000 to $200 per day up to $5,000 per quarter. AHCA supported our efforts after collecting more than $6.3 million since the report’s inception. The bill also exempts licensed-only providers from the reporting requirement all together. So, if your agency does not accept Medicaid or Medicare funding and your controlling interest doesn’t either (through another entity), you will not be required to submit this report!

Thank you to all our members who helped make a difference by attending Legislative Day in March to lobby for this critical bill. We couldn’t have done it without your efforts!

The Florida Legislature adjourns this Friday, so stay tuned for more updated related to Medicaid reimbursement increases! If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Simon, Government Affairs Director, at (813) 391-1841.

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