AARP Encourages its Members to Speak Out Against Medicare Home Health Copays

The AARP recently encouraged its members to “speak up now about the future of Medicare” by writing their elected officials in opposition to the reintroduction of copayments for home health care to Medicare, as well as other initiatives that the 37 million-member strong organization sees as harmful to the future of Medicare.

“”It’s important for NAHC members to remember that even though we face many challenges, we are not in this fight alone,” said NAHC President Val J. Halamandaris. “The AARP is also encouraging their members to take action to preserve Medicare and oppose the reintroduction of home health copays.”

HCAF and the National Association of Home Care & Hospice are encouraged to see other organizations joining the fight to oppose the reintroduction of home health copayments to Medicare. Along with its opposition to the home health copayment, the AARP also encourages negotiating lower drug prices and improved coordination of care for Medicare beneficiaries.

According to the AARP, “requiring people who are prescribed home health services to pay copays would do nothing to reduce Medicare costs. More likely, it would increase costs because people who can’t afford the copays could end up returning to the hospital.”

To see the AARP’s brief of the future of Medicare, please click here.

To join with your HCAF colleagues in speaking out against additional Medicare cuts and the reintroduction of home health copays, please click here.

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