AHCA: Drop-off Sites Won’t Be Going Away

AHCA has informed HCAF that drop-off sites are here to stay! This news comes after several weeks of uncertainty based on lawmakers’ concerns that the Agency did not have the authority to permit providers to operate a drop-off site.

The Florida Legislature’s Joint Administrative Procedures Committee noted in a letter to AHCA dated April 23, 2013 that, because no statute exists to permit drop-off sites, AHCA cannot have a regulation permitting them and thus they would have to go away. In response, HCAF collected comments from multiple providers at theĀ recent series of District Meetings and shared with AHCA officials. The comments were overwhelmingly in support of keeping the regulation in place, with providers stating that drop-off sites save time and help keep costs down.

Thank you to the providers who submitted feedback about this issue, your input made a difference!


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