AHCA Removes One-Year Home Care Experience Requirement for Therapists

The Agency for Health Care Administration has notified HCAF that the rule removing the one-year experience for physical therapists, occupational therapists and therapist assistants is now in effect. As such, providers will not be cited for PT, OT, PTA and OTA hires done on or after July 11, 2013 without the one-year experience.

Other rule changes include:

  • Removes requirement for administrator to submit a resume and affidavit of good moral character when there is a change in the administrator or alternate administrator.
  • Adds requirements for oversight by the director of nursing as required in 400.497(5), F.S.  These requirements, at 59A-8.0095(2)(d)(e), require home health agencies that provide skilled nursing to:
    • Establish a process to validate that services were provided. The process is left up to each agency to determine.
    • Provide a certified report when requested by a surveyor to verify services provided by a specific staff person.
    • Add items to the existing quality assurance. Quarterly sample active and closed clinical records (sample size is not specified) to assure: (1) that only patients whose service needs can be met by the agency are accepted and (2) that the agency’s own policies and procedures are followed.
  • Allows patient progress reports to be made to physician assistants and advance registered nurse practitioners, not just physicians.
  • Adds that homemakers and companions may remind clients that it is time for the client to take his or her medicine.

The updated rule chapter 59A-8 can be viewed at http://www.flrules.org. AHCA will formally notify providers of this change next week.


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