Free Exposure to Florida Discharge Planners

The first three editions of HCAF’s Member Directory and Referral Guide proved to be so valuable that HCAF will publish its fourth edition during the summer of 2014!
Directories will be sent to every hospital discharge department in Florida, increasing your ability to get referrals. In fact, we have discharge planners calling and asking us to send them additional copies!
Agencies will be listed by service area and alphabetically. Each agency’s profile will include contact information (address, phone, fax, website, license number), payer source(s) accepted, service area, type of services provided and an “accredited by” field. Please click on the following link that pertains to your HCAF membership status before March 11, 2014 to make sure your company’s demographic and service information is accurate and to provide us with any changes.
If you have any questions or changes to your listing after viewing your profile on the above links, please contact HCAF at (850) 222-8967 or send an email to Julia Heath at
Every HCAF member will receive a complimentary directory with the option to purchase more copies. The 2014 Member Directory and Referral Guide is the perfect opportunity for home care agencies to be front and center for discharge planners, but the deadline to appear in the directory is soon. So please don’t delay! Make sure you join HCAF, renew membership or update your member profile by March 11, 2014.

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