New York Times Article Depicts Major Pitfalls in Managed Long-Term Programs

While the Florida Managed Long-Term Care (LTC) program is still in the roll-out stage, the New York Times released an article March 6th detailing the difficulties experienced by patients and and the governments in other states with established care systems.

Many states, including Florida, have seen costs for LTC explode in the last few years due to a rapidly aging population. While this move to manages care could benefit home care, ending the long stranglehold the nursing home industry has had on caring for Medicaid patients, the article reveals many Americans who are unable to qualify for any kind of care in a way for managed care entities to preserve profits.

HCAF is closely monitoring the Managed Long Term Care program in Florida and will continue to advocate for the use of home and community based care. Solving the problems associated with our State’s growing elderly population will not be easy, but we continue to stress the importance of serving seniors in their preferred setting, which is also the most cost-effective: their home.

Click here to read the New York Times Article.

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