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For several years now, HCAF has been conducting a salary and fringe benefit survey of the home health industry in Florida. It is our goal to continue helping providers understand how agencies around the state are compensating their employees in order to remain competitive when it comes to recruiting and maintaining staff.  HCAF does this by collecting the data through a secure excel toolkit.

To access the questionnaire, please click this link and fill out the excel file. Once it is completed, please send it to Monica Smith at The data that is requested will be the same as previous years. By collecting the data online and reporting the survey electronically, we can save printing, postage and data entry costs while also being kinder to the environment. It is our hope that you will find it to be a more convenient and efficient process for storing and reviewing the report as well.

Deadline for Completion of Questionnaire: September 12, 2014. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please contact Monica at

We know this information is important to our members and we hope that enough members respond to generate meaningful reports. This year, we would like to receive at least 150 responses.

There are important advantages to responding – both personal and organizational. First, respondents get a FREE copy of the report. Members who do not respond and want a copy of the reports can purchase it for $250. (Non-members will pay $350.) Second, if we get enough responses from HHAs in a particular HCAF District, we will produce, in addition to the overall state report, a district-specific report. In the past, we were able to break out the data by certified and non-certified providers, but we would love to see more non-certified participation this year to provide detailed district data for this segment.

So please take the time now to complete and return this important survey. You will value the quality of the information that will be reported to you as a result of your participation.

Only participants receive a FREE copy of the report.

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