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2012 Conference Preview: OMG! The Surveyor is in the Lobby!

July 13, 2012

By Sharon Litwin, 5 Star Consultants

Join Sharon at conference for “Continued Survey Readiness is Possible… From a Surveyor and Consultant Perspective” on July 25. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Of course, the visitor in the lobby could be worse. . .the staff of “60 Minutes”. . . or the OIG and their yellow crime scene tape.

To avoid a feeling of panic, you can keep your agency on track by knowing the regulations, understanding the survey process, and performing your own mock surveys. If you know the difference between a “condition out” and a “deficiency”, you will know where to focus your time and energy. Surveyors are being required to write more deficiencies, so knowing how to write and implement a plan of correction is key. Following up with staff education, audits, and your performance improvement program will enable you to welcome the surveyor with open arms and open records. (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Present & Future Success Depends on Optimizing Your Software

July 13, 2012

By Stephen Peterschmidt, Peterschmidt Health Care Management

Join Stephen at conference for “Present & Future Success Depends on Optimizing Your Software” on July 26. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

No home care agency will survive the increased pressure of reduced reimbursement and escalating oversight without optimizing their software. This is not a scare tactic, it is reality. The home care world has changed and will continue to change. It is not a matter of IF all agencies will struggle, but WHEN and what they’ll do about it. Being very good at the business of homecare is the new standard and it requires timely and accurate information. Optimized software is the mechanism for enabling timely and accurate information.

Optimized software is the key to… (more…)

9 Health Care Reform Changes for 2012

July 3, 2012

The Remington Report reports that 2012 kicks-off rapid changes to health care reform. Join HCAF for the 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show later this month in Orlando for sessions geared toward health care reform and its impact on the home care industry, including care transitions, accountable care organizations, dual eligibles and more!

The nine major changes for 2012 are: (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Attracting ACOs and Utilizing Telehealth Technology to Increase Your Business

July 2, 2012

By Brett A. Quas,
Connected Healthcare Solutions

Join Brett at conference for “Attracting ACOs:Utilizing Telehealth Technology to Increase Your Business” on July 25. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Can ACOs improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs and increase your business? Recently, CMS announced 27 new ACOs that will participate in Medicare’s Shared Savings Program. The selected organizations represent 18 states, cover 375,000 patient lives, and include a network of 10,000 physicians. With the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the healthcare law and more than 150 applications from ACOs seeking to participate, the program is certain to grow. This growth will not only bring opportunity, but confusion as well. Turning vague buzz phrases like “Patient-Centric,” “Medical-Home,” and “Health Data Management” into measureable metrics will be what separates your organization from the 11,000 other Medicare certified home care agencies competing in this new channel. (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Secrets to Survival

June 29, 2012

By Nancy E. Allen,
Solutions for Care 

Join Nancy at conference for “Secrets to Survival” on July 26. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

With the very existence of the home health industry threatened, what are the practical secrets to survival? Surveys, audits and requests for information are increasing and reimbursement is in jeopardy.

The new survey process is leaning heavily against no more trending. Previously, a deficiency typically was not cited for one occurrence unless it impacted or had the potential to seriously impact patient care. Now, one item amiss can quickly lead to a deficiency and non compliance with the Medicare conditions of participation, which in turn seriously endangers a home health license and certification. (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: On a Clear Day I Can See ICD-10 . . . Or Can I?

June 25, 2012

By Sparkle Sparks,
OASIS Answers

Join Sparkle at conference for “Prep for ICD-10-CM for Home Health Agencies” on July 26. She will also co-present Blueprint for OASIS-C Accuracy on July 22-23. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Following the continuing saga of the implementation of ICD-10 is like playing a game of “red light, green light.” Remember that? Someone yelled “green light” and frantic motion was set in high gear. Then someone yelled “red light” and you had to freeze, no matter how uncomfortable and hard to maintain your position was. If you inadvertently moved, you were out of the game. (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Challenging the Home Health Therapy Myths and Assumptions

June 22, 2012


Join Beth at conference for “The Future of Home Health Therapy” on July 25. Click here to check out session summaries in the conference brochure!

Competence, skill and expertise of therapists working in home health are often assumed.  Therapists have their license, so they should be competent and doing a great job with patients and for the agency, right?  Have you ever really challenged this assumption in your agency by asking the following questions: (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Serving More Patients: Strategies and Insights to Grow Your Agency During Turbulent Times

June 16, 2012


Join Stephen Tweed at conference for our keynote speech, “On a Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow: The Forces and Trends Shaping the Future of Home Care in America”, on July 24. In addition, he will present “Serve More Patients: Strategies on Sales, Marketing and Public Relations for Private Duty Home Care” on July 25, and “Successful Home Care from the Consumer’s Perspective” with his Jason Tweed on July 26. Click here to check out session summaries in the conference brochure!

Medicare is cutting rates. Medicaid is reducing payments and limiting services. Hospitals are experiencing reduced census. Private pay clients are counting pennies and cutting back on services they truly need. Doctors are overworked, frustrated and don’t want to talk with you. There is a new home care company on every corner. It’s tough out there.

In these times of turbulent change in home health care and hospice, only the strongest, fastest growing agencies will survive. We’ve seen it before: Hospital DRGs in 1983, the home health Medicare denial crisis in 1987, The Balanced Budget Act of 1997. During each of these periods, thousands of Medicare-certified home health agencies went out of business. (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Are You Prepared for the Home Care Medicare Recertification Survey?

June 14, 2012


Join Linda Parker at conference for “Medicare Revised Survey Process” on July 25. Click here to check out the session summary in the conference brochure!

Increased heart rate, a knot in the pit of the stomach, sweaty palms, a feeling of panic, and possibly immediate short term memory loss, etc. – sound familiar? Many in home care have experienced or can relate to similar feelings that may be generated at the sound of those dreaded words, “I’m here to perform your agency’s annual Medicare recertification survey”.  (more…)

2012 Conference Preview: Quality Home Care, What is it and Who Defines It?

June 5, 2012


Join Glenda Burke at conference for “Private Duty Insights” on July 23, “Creating Super Management Strategies for Home Care Success” on July 25, and “And Then There Were 3: An Objective Comparison of Accreditation Options” on July 26. Click here to check out session summaries in the conference brochure!

“Quality Care” is just one of many buzzwords being bantered about in the home care industry today – practically every logo, brochure or marketing presentation promises “quality”. In this critical time for home care, we as an industry need to ask ourselves first: “what is quality care?” and second and most critical: “who or what defines it?” We must step away from past practices and embrace the reality that opinions are not true indicators of quality. In the final analysis, quality is not a popularity contest, but it is clear evidence of positive patient outcomes. (more…)