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Medicare’s Home Health Care Rules to Focus More on Prevention

November 5, 2012

By Stephen Nohlgren, The Tampa Bay Times

TARPON SPRINGS — Larry Tilson, 52, figures he’s doing pretty well for a guy with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Three-quarters of people with the incurable neuromuscular condition die within 3 to 5 years of diagnosis. Tilson recently passed that five-year mark and can still walk, talk and dress himself. He credits an innovative therapy that has helped his brain and muscles stay in synch.

But he gets the therapy only sporadically. Medicare provides a home health therapist off and on, but Tilson has to suffer a medical crisis, such as a fall, first. (more…)

Arnie Cisneros Awarded CMS Grant for Bundled Payment Initiative

October 26, 2012

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced this week that Arnie Cisneros, PT, and Linda Alexander, RN, have been awarded for their Model 2 Retrospective Bundled Payment Initiative entitled “Retrospective Acute Care Hospital Stay Plus Post-Acute Care” in collaboration with Detroit Medical Center (DMC).

CMS received a very enthusiastic response from providers across the country interested in the Bundled Payment Initiative. Over the last two months, CMS reviewed the many proposals, which included thousands of episode definitions, identified points of commonality, and considered numerous key policy and operational issues inherent in designing the bundled payment model on a sizable scale. (more…)

Available Now: Check Out HCAF’s Summer Edition of The Florida Home Care Connection Online!

June 14, 2012

The Summer 2012 issue of The Florida Home Care Connection, HCAF’s official magazine, is now available online! This issue focuses on strategies and insights to grow your agency during turbulent times, and features articles from leading industry professionals.

Check out what’s inside:


S.U.R.C.H. for Answers Before Program Safeguard Contractors Review Your Care

March 5, 2012

By Arnie Cisneros

Home health reforms identified by the 2012 PPS Final Rule will affect ALL home care agencies throughout the coming year. The case-mix payment cuts will combine with the market basket reductions to create reduced income levels when compared to 2011 reimbursement for the same services. Certainly the removal of two hypertension codes from the case-mix system will create an additional decrease in revenue that will be felt by most providers; based on their previous use of these codes, some agencies will feel the effects more than others. Therapy payment reform changes will also be agency-specific as providers who deliver higher volume therapy coverage, or fail to manage their rehab staff and programs, will experience decreased payments (in 2012) when compared to last year. In addition, further reform proposals for 2013 and beyond propose additional payment reductions, co-payments, and capitated rehab reimbursement unrelated to visit volumes. (more…)

FREE Webinar! 2012 PPS Final Rule: Therapy Payment Re-allocation

December 9, 2011

Do you have over-utilization concerns regarding your therapy programs? If so, expect your finances to suffer under the 2012 PPS model.

Home Health Strategic Management (HHSM) is offering a free webinar focused on the 2012 PPS Final Rule Therapy Payment Re-allocation levels. Home health providers of all sizes will definitely feel the effects of the Regressive Therapy Payment Model as payment is received for 2012 episodes; are you in control of therapy caseloads, care programs, and volumes? Are you prepared to weather the realities of the new therapy payment models if you are not in control of these areas of care? In addition, are your therapy episodes able to withstand the audit scrutiny many expect to see focused on rehab in light of the recent regulatory activity in our industry? (more…)