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Feds to FL: We’re Flexible; Show Us Your Plan

March 14, 2013

By , Health News Florida

Medicaid expansion for 1 million low-income adults in Florida may technically be dead, after committees in both the House and Senate voted to kill it. And yet, chances for an alternative plan that would accomplish the same goals are looking up.

On Wednesday, federal health officials signaled interest in seeing Florida’s alternative plan, which is still just a gleam in the eye of a powerful state senator, as soon as the state has something in writing.

And a report on how much it would cost the state to offer coverage to private plans to the newly insured estimated that it would cost 3 percent to 4 percent less than for the current Medicaid population.

Even House Speaker Will Weatherford, a vocal opponent of Medicaid expansion, moderated his tone somewhat in speaking to reporters this week. (more…)

Health Care Expert Sees Technology as Cost-Control Tool

January 11, 2013

Michael Millenson, president of Health Quality Advisors and a former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, told the statewide health care conference Thursday that health care is in a revolutionary period. File photo.

By James Call, The Florida Current

Tom Feeney, CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, welcomed more than 300 people to a statewide health care conference in Orlando by warning them they will be offended by what they hear during two days of presentations and discussions.

“We have invited not only some of the smartest and practical policy experts in the country to lay out different ideas and options for policy makers,” Feeney said. “If you pay attention you are going to be offended by something said by somebody at some point. If you are not offended then you didn’t pay attention.” (more…)