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HHQI National Campaign Save the Dates!

August 1, 2013

As many kids are starting back to school and calendars begin filling up, it’s time to start marking your dates with the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign’s upcoming events. Hopefully everyone has downloaded the Immunization and Infection Control Best Practice Intervention Package or ‘BPIP’ that was released in June. This will be necessary to ensure your immunization program is following best practices this flu season.

Here’s a list of upcoming events for you to “Save the Dates”: (more…)

HHQI National Campaign Cardiovascular Kickoff Webinar

July 19, 2013

The Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign aims to improve cardiovascular health in the home health population in support of the Million Hearts® initiative.

Registration for the kick-off webinar focusing on cardiovascular health improvement featuring Million Hearts® Executive Director Dr. Janet Wright, is currently available. (more…)

Compulsive Hoarding Webinar & Other HHQI June Events

June 3, 2013

The Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign wants to share the opportunity for providers and your clinicians to register for an exciting upcoming free HHQI Webinar broadcast: Compulsive Hoarding for Case Managers on June 12 from 2:00-4:00pm ET.  You can reserve your spot now by clicking here now.

This two-hour webinar is a joint presentation of the HHQI National Campaign’s Underserved Populations Network and Celtic Healthcare of Mars, Pennsylvania. Celtic Healthcare will be providing free Social Worker continuing education contact hours (NASW approved – 2.0 hours) for attending the live session on June 12 from 2:00-4:00pm ET.

Keynote presenters for the webinar will be Celtic Medical Director Dr. Patricia Nay, and Celtic Eastern Regional VP Tonya Miller. It will be a perfect opportunity for leadership to invite staff, including nursing, therapy, and social workers to come together and participate in the educational session. The presentation will be followed by discussions on how agencies can work as an interdisciplinary team to assist patients who have hoarding tendencies to be safer in their homes. (more…)

HHQI National Campaign Wants to Showcase Your Achievements!

April 2, 2013

The Home Health Quality Improvement national campaign is looking to showcase your agency’s achievements. There are multiple opportunities for you to share your successes. Here are a few: (more…)

Submit Your Comments: CMS to Redesign Quality Improvement Organizations

February 4, 2013

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) is seeking provider input on plans for redesigning the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program. QIOs serve as the keystone of CMS’ national healthcare quality improvement program. QIOs convene providers, practitioners, and patients to build and share knowledge, spread best practices, and achieve wide-scale improvements in patient care, increases in population health, and decreases in health care costs for all Americans. More information about QIOs can be found by clicking here and here. (more…)

HHQI National Campaign Save the Dates!

February 4, 2013

As the new year is off and running, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and start marking your calendars with the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign’s upcoming events. Hopefully by now everyone has downloaded the Underserved Populations (UP) Best Practice Intervention Package or ‘BPIP’ that was released on February 1. This BPIP covers health disparities, literacy, dual-eligible populations, as well as hurdles facing small agencies.

Here’s a list of upcoming events for you to “Save the Dates”… (more…)

HHQI National Campaign to Launch Webinar Series to Improve Home Health Quality

January 24, 2013

The HHQI National Campaign is set to launch its next series of free nationwide webinar broadcasts designed to improve home health quality. Starting on February 19, HHQI will be partnering with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to present a new webinar series called, Pave Your Path: A Free Webinar Series on Designing a Systematic Approach to Quality Improvement.

As an HCAF member benefit, HCAF members can register for the free Webinars in advance of public registration opening in a few days. Their live sessions are limited to only 1,000 attendees each, and will likely fill up quickly. (more…)

HHQI National Campaign and Monthly Risk Adjusted Data

December 21, 2012

Have you seen the new HHQI Data Reports? Risk-adjusted ACH and Oral Medication rates are now available in the 12-month rolling report. During these changing times in health care, everyone is working diligently to implement evidence-based best practices but implementing is only half of the process. Evaluation is equally, if not more, important.

What leads you to decide where to focus your efforts? In what manor are you evaluating your process? (more…)

HHQI Campaign Resource Released

November 30, 2012

The Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign, which launched its third phase on Sept. 18, 2012, was developed to help home health and cross-setting providers improve quality with new evidence-based educational tools, individualized data reports and a variety of networking opportunities for home health and cross-setting providers. (more…)

HHQI National Campaign and Cross Setting Care

October 26, 2012

As some of you are likely aware, each state has selected a ‘community’ to participate in the CMS-funded Care Transitions project – Integrating Care for Populations and Communities (ICPC). The over-arching goal for these communities is to reduce re-hospitalizations by improving the care patients receive while moving from one setting to the next. This is accomplished by implementing evidence-based programs. For those of you fortunate enough to be included in one of these selected communities, you may be wondering “Where does HHQI fit?” (more…)