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Duval County Woman Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Medicaid Fraud

April 15, 2013

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today that Edna Lorraine Watkins, owner of Homecare Unlimited LLC, was sentenced to six years in state prison for submitting more than $400,000 in false claims to the Florida Medicaid Program. The State Attorney’s Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit prosecuted this case, and Watkins entered pleas of guilty to Medicaid Provider Fraud and Grand Theft, both first degree felonies. In addition to the six years in prison, Watkins was ordered to repay the state $402,424 in restitution. (more…)

AG’s Office Announces Arrest of Levy County Woman for Medicaid Fraud

March 21, 2013

HealthCareFraudThe Florida Attorney General’s office announced this week the arrest of Donna Michelle Smith, a Levy County resident, who is being charged with Medicaid fraud. Smith was a service provider enrolled through the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities to provide personal care assistance, companion care and respite services to Medicaid recipients. (more…)

AG Announces the Arrest of Jacksonville HHA Owner for $400,000 in Medicaid Fraud

February 19, 2013

Attorney General Pam Bondi today announced the arrest of a Duval County woman accused of stealing more than $400,000 from Florida’s Aged and Disabled Adult Waiver Program. The Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit charged Edna Lorraine Watkins, 34, with two counts of Medicaid provider fraud and one count of grand theft. She is accused of billing Medicaid for services that were never rendered and billing for services to recipients who were ineligible for Medicaid. Some of the people to whom she claimed to have provided services were in jail at the time the services were supposedly rendered. (more…)

Vacant Jobs in Fraud Unit Cost FL Millions

January 4, 2013

By , Health News Florida

A press release on Thursday touted Florida’s Medicaid fraud- and abuse-fighting efforts last year, saying 437 pill mills were squashed and state taxpayers recouped nearly $50 million. What the release failed to mention was the significant decline in fraud cases and audit recoveries. (more…)

State Recovered $50 Million in Medicaid Fraud

January 4, 2013

By James Call, The Florida Current

Florida spent nearly $17 million fighting Medicaid fraud in a 12-month period ending June 30 and had a net recovery of $50 million. That’s according to the annual Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Report, released Thursday by Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Liz Dudek. The fraud investigations resulted in 69 arrests and warrants. (more…)

Medicaid Fraud: Crime, No Punishment

November 5, 2012

By Lilly Rockwell, Florida Trend

In September 2011, eight months into her job as Florida attorney general, Pam Bondi made her first visit to the Miami office of her agency’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. “I was appalled, shocked to learn that there were so many vacant offices, (with) lights out,” Bondi says. She says she was particularly disturbed that the Miami office wasn’t fully staffed given Miami’s reputation as a hotbed of Medicaid fraud. (more…)

Brevard County Man Charged for Medicaid Home Health Fraud

October 12, 2012

Florida Today reports that a Brevard County man was arrested and charged with one count of Medicaid fraud and one count of grand theft for allegedly submitting more than $9,500 in fraudulent service logs to the Medicaid program. Both charges are third degree felonies. (more…)

Florida Fires Back at Feds Over Kids in Nursing Homes

October 4, 2012

With hundreds of children still in adult nursing homes, state health administrators and federal civil rights lawyers remain deadlocked in a dispute over where the children should live.

By Carol Marbin Miller, The Miami Herald

The war of words between Florida health administrators and federal civil rights lawyers continued Friday as the administration of Gov. Rick Scott rebuffed the U.S. Justice Department’s offer to help remove hundreds of children from nursing homes.

In a letter to the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Florida social service chiefs called “unfounded” the claim that the state needlessly warehouses disabled and medically fragile children in nursing homes meant to care for elders. Agency heads reached that conclusion after a two-week investigation in which they interviewed the parents or caregivers of many disabled children “to ensure that they were aware of the services available for them in the community.” (more…)

Attorney General Bondi Charges Home Care Agency Owner for $6,600 in Medicaid Fraud

September 24, 2012

By publishing announcements about home health fraud, HCAF demonstrates its commitment to honest providers throughout the state by shining a spotlight on the dishonest providers, eager to provide hope and validation to the good and send a message to the bad actors that their days are numbered.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced that a Santa Rosa County resident was taken into custody and charged with one count of Medicaid fraud. Shannon Boyette, owner of Boyette Home Health Care, was taken into custody after an investigation by the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. (more…)

Families Grapple with Shrinking State Services Offered to ‘Medically Fragile’ Kids

September 17, 2012

By Stephen NohlgrenTampa Bay Times

We call them “medically fragile” children, but labels don’t begin to convey the help they need to survive.

Josiah Conway, 9, sings karaoke and can zoom through an iPhone, but dozens of complications might close his airway at any moment. He stopped breathing earlier this month when medication with strawberry flavoring triggered one of many allergies.

Megan Garrett, 6, wastes away from a degenerative cell disease, has daily seizures and never leaves her bed. She smiles at her mother’s touch, but if her finger happens to land in her mouth during a spasm, she will bite down on it and scream in pain, with no idea why.

These could be anyone’s children, whether from genetic defect or too many minutes at the bottom of a swimming pool. And with nurses, machines and medicines for one child costing as much as $200,000 a year, lawmakers decided that taxpayers should often help pick up the tab. (more…)